Things you must know before making a TVC for your business.

What is Television Commercial?

TV advertising is one of the most well-known and efficient ways to reach consumers. It offers a large audience base, high frequency, and substantial influence. Since 1941, advertisers have utilized television commercial to promote their products and services to clients. The quality and demand has only grown since its initial debut. While OTT and digital content are currently at an all-time high. The TV industry is still the dominant medium for advertising for many brands, old and new.

In fact, an average person spends anywhere around 4 hours and more watching TV every day. This gives businesses many opportunities to get their brand across a lot of potential customers. Since TVC is a dominant industry to connect with audiences. It serves as a key component of the marketing mix.

Why TVC is a smart move for your business?

Television commercial is the most effective and efficient way of marketing and brand awareness. Television advertising can be highly creative and attention-grabbing as they use music, visuals, and special effects to get the message across. They are driven by marketing objective given that they are an effective strategy to raise brand awareness and generate sales. They deliver the message in a short time and get the point across easily & accurately. But that's not all,

Additional benefits of TV commercial

TV ads reach a large audience base swiftly and successfully. Television appeals to viewers of all ages. Hence, television advertising is seen across people of all ages and literacy level. Television advertising through strong visuals, music and narratives, effectively pull on people’s emotional strings and drive the message home. Brands by showcasing their commercials on the audience’s preferred channel can gain a loyal brand base because usually the TV advertising will inherit the trust viewers have in the channel itself to the brand commercial. Through television commercials, brands can show rather than tell the audience what the brand is about. Their mission, vision and services can leave a more lasting impression through effective brand advertising.

Types of TVC that you can implement

Product Placement : Product placement is a type of television commercial that features the product prominently in a program or movie. This feature can be presented organically as part of the story or explicitly, by showcasing the product in a close up or include it as part of a key scene in the story. For instance, Bournvita in the movie; Koi Mil Gaya, and Tide detergent in Chupke Chupke.

Brand integration : Brand integration is a form of sponsorship that achieves the same objective as traditional tv commercials, namely brand awareness and boosting sales. In brand integration, a certain brand or product is incorporated into the show or the plot revolves around it. It can also be viewed primarily as a reward in a reality program where the winner receives a specific good or service from a business. For Instance, Maruti car in the movie Mere Dad Ki Maruti, and Khatro ke khiladi 2023, Where Maruti Swift Car was one of the prize for winner.

Infomercials : Infomercials are the most infamous type of television commercials for their lengthy tv ads that usually airs late at night or weekends promoting products from certain brands. Infomercials frequently features a through product information plus an engaging call to action option.

Overlays : Overlays are the shortest form of television commercial. They usually appear at the bottom of the screen during a show and are about 10 seconds long promoting upcoming programs or products during live streams.

Create a TVC for your business

Producing the first TVC for your brand may seem like a daunting task. That is because along with creative aspects involved in making a TVC, there are a lot of organizational and management aspects that goes into the shoot as well. if you're working with a production house or advertising agency they can bundle a lot of things together like videography, editing, equipment and content services. Additionally, they can offer guidance to ensure that the creative concept translates into a satisfactory brand vision.

However, if you want to use an in-house team. We have compiled a set of quick checklists that can help you prepare for a commercial shoot, successfully. Write a creative brief. It is important to represent your brand clearly in the mind of your target audiences. Avoid being boring. Similar to the previous point, you need to develop a distinct character or theme to represent your business, but don't let the audience be bored by your commercial. Keep it interesting. Focus on the first three seconds. Opening of the commercial is the most crucial part of your TVC. It is the optimal time for drawing viewers into your brand and improve engagement. Use influential people. By using influential people, you gain trust of the audience. The viewer will associate the selected person in TVC with your brand. Most importantly keep the technical aspects in mind like, cast location, cast size, crew, equipment, post-production cost etc.

Why hire an advertising agency?

Hiring an advertising agency for your television commercial shoot has a lot of benefits. They have access to experienced personnel. Advertising agency comes with a level of professionalism. They're better at negotiation of advertising rates and media buying. They have a better knowledge of the production process. They have better access to a wide variety of creative services. They can manage the timeline and the deadline of the shoot with efficiency. They are familiar with tried and tested methods of television advertising.

Monday Brews advertising agency can also provide access to a range of services important for your television commercial like, creative direction, media buying, time slot planning, production services, casting locations, talent scouting. Monday Brews advertising agencies is well knowledgeable about TVC production process and can help you guide through each step for best outcome. Visit our website