Monday Brews: Model Shoot in Delhi

Are you looking to have a model shoot in Delhi? Monday Brews is your perfect choice! We specialize in model shoots in India and provide a wide range of services, from pre-shoot planning to post-shoot editing. Our experienced team of professionals can help you achieve the perfect look for your portfolio. Whether it's for fashion or editorial, we will make sure you get the best out of your model shoot in Delhi.

The Team

Monday Brews is a production house in Delhi that specializes in creating stunning visuals for films, TV commercials, and shoots. For our latest model shoot, we had an amazing team of talented professionals to help us bring our vision to life. Our team included a photographer, lighting crew, art directors, makeup artists and hair stylists. Everyone worked together to create the perfect atmosphere for our models and capture their beauty on camera. We also had a highly experienced videographer to film the entire shoot, ensuring that we would have an amazing TV commercial shoot at the end of the day.

The Location

Monday Brews recently had a model shoot in Delhi, and the location was perfect! The studio was spacious enough to accommodate both our crew and the models and had just the right look for the commercial shoot we were doing. It had several different areas set up with lights and backdrops so that we could easily switch between different looks and locations. We were able to find exactly the right kind of atmosphere for our TV commercial shoot and the resulting images were stunning!

The Models

For this Monday Brews shoot, we had a selection of amazing models from all over the city. We chose models who could bring a unique look and feel to the shoot and those who had experience in TV commercial shoots. The models were carefully selected based on their look and experience, and each one brought something special to the project. Our team was delighted with the final cast, who helped create a professional and beautiful atmosphere throughout the shoot.

The models featured included young professionals, college students, and seasoned veterans of the industry. Many of our models had previously done TV commercial shoots and had plenty of experience in front of the camera. We were thrilled to have them on board, and they added a great dynamic to the project.

The Outcome

Monday Brews’ model shoot was a huge success! We had the perfect setting in Delhi and our models were the stars of the day. The shoot ran seamlessly with everyone working together to create stunning images that we are sure will be used in some beautiful campaigns. The resulting images were so good; they could be used in a TV commercial shoot!

Our photographers captured amazing shots that showcased the best of each model and the overall atmosphere. The shots were carefully composed with lighting and styling that highlighted the beauty of Delhi as well as the talents of our models. We can’t wait to see what comes out of this shoot. We are confident that the images will be used for both print and digital campaigns, and the team at Monday Brews is looking forward to seeing what our clients do with them!

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